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Black Mourning Light Metal Festival 2017 Tickets


Black Mourning Light returns for it's third installment. We have taken the meaning extreme to new levels with this year's festival.

Once more it is a two day festival, Friday October 13th and Saturday October 14th, and it is headlined by two of the most legendary bands in bestial black metal, Revenge and Blasphemy.

Tickets purchased through the CoV BigCartel will be held at Starlite Room to be picked up the day of the festival. They will NOT be shipped to you.

Friday, October 13th:
12am Blasphemy - https://youtu.be/J6kh37y8B3M
11pm Rites of Thy Degringolade - https://youtu.be/Q2Ae3ayAsyo
10pm Fortress - https://fortress-official.bandcamp.com/
9pm Sorguinazia - https://youtu.be/RuXBOlUHEW4
8pm Ares Infernus - https://youtu.be/mbQQXi9Wd1E

Saturday, October 14th:
12am Revenge - https://revengeofficial.bandcamp.com/
11pm Antichrist - https://antichristofficial.bandcamp.com/
10pm Gravehill - https://gravehill666.bandcamp.com/
9pm Xul - https://xulmetal.bandcamp.com/
8pm Funeral of God - https://youtu.be/RNKMn97a2Eg
7pm Scythra - https://youtu.be/LhKbdy6dFS0
6pm Goathammer - https://goathammer.bandcamp.com/

Both Dates 18+